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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Build 10A432 Has been leaked

Apple released recently build 10a432 of OS X 10.6. It is rumored to be the so called 'Golden Master', that is the code name for the final version, an equivalent of Microsofts RTM code name.

More information about installation coming soon.....


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Updating to build 10a421

Hey guys!
Just a minor update. 10a421 was released a few days a go and it wasn't safe to update for our hackintoshes. It need a new decryptor in order to work. I had a hard time looking for it but i finally got the solution for Netkas.

Here is the link to his blog. there you will find an installer for solving this issue. You will have to install it from your Leopard partition(Not the Snow Leopard cause you wont be able to boot into it).

You can also find in his previous post the manual solution.

I recommend you to always repair permissions after the installation. Specially after something so delicate as this. If it doest work repair the permissions again but this time from a patched leopard DVD.

Good luck!

P.D.: If you are unable to succesfully update visit this forum. my User name is roal2488

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